Customer Care Plan & Program

Is there a chance of losing your new custom mouthguard? Sign up to our Customer Care Plan or Program and we’ll keep your impression on file and provide 1 or up to 3 replacements over 12 months. Perfect for those with forgetful kids!

Your custom mouthguard - very easy to lose after a game. And kids. Don’t get us started on the kids. The masters of losing and breaking things. Got to love ‘em though.

With a Gameday Customer Care Plan you can rest easy knowing that your investment in protecting your’s or your kid’s teeth isn’t in vain if you happen to lose your mouthguard. For only $29 you receive 1 replacement and for $69 you’ll receive up to 3 replacement mouthguards over a 12 month period. Better than having to fork out for a whole new mouthguard, right?

Because we keep your impression on file, it’s easy to organise a replacement. Simply flick us an email with your details, we’ll look you up in the database, and we’ll have a new mouthguard on its way in a few days. 

In order to buy this product, you must have just ordered a Gameday custom mouthguard, or ordered one within the last 2 weeks. Also, if you will need one Customer Care Plan per product you wish to 'protect'. 

Gameday Starter Mouthguard and Customer Care Plan design, front on picture.
Regular price $29

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