Customer Care Plan

Chance of losing your new custom mouthguard? Sign up to our Customer Care Plan and we’ll keep your impression on file so you don't have to do it again, and will provide 1 replacement over a 6 month period. Perfect for those with forgetful kids!

Your custom mouthguard - very easy to lose after a game. And kids. Don’t get us started on the kids. The masters of losing and breaking things. Got to love ‘em though.

With a Gameday Customer Care Plan you can rest easy knowing that your investment in protecting your’s or your kid’s teeth isn’t in vain if you/they happen to lose the mouthguard.

Prices start at $50 for a replacement Gameday Starter, or replace your Pro for $70, or Xtreme for $110. Better than having to fork out for a whole new mouthguard, right?

Because we keep your impression on file, it’s easy to organise a replacement. Simply flick us an email with your details, we’ll look you up in the database, and will have a new mouthguard on its way in 5-9 business days. 

This product is only available to customers who are in the process of placing an order for a Gameday custom mouthguard, or ordered one within the last 2 weeks. Also, you will need to order one Customer Care Plan per product you wish to 'protect'.


> The Customer Care Plan is for customers that already have a Gameday Mouthguard. If you're looking to replace a mouthguard you have received from a dentist or bought elsewhere, you will need to start fresh by buying a Gameday Mouthguards product.

> If you take up this plan, we keep your impression(s) on file for 6 months. If you need a replacement after that, you may need to do your impression(s) again by paying full price. 

> When ordering your Customer Care Plan you must use the same email address you used when you placed your initial order.

> The Customer Care Plan is valid for a 6 month period. At the end of this period the plan expires, your impression(s) will be disposed of, and you will need to buy a brand new Gameday Mouthguard should you need a replacement.

> If you would like a like-for-like replacement (e.g. Pro for a Pro) you must select the appropriate replacement from the dropdown on this page. However, if, say, you originally ordered an Xtreme, you can choose to have it replaced by a Starter if you wish. 

Customer Care Plan
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