GameDay was born from the belief that every athlete should have a custom mouthguard. Whether performing at an elite level or getting ready for your first season, a custom mouthguard is an essential piece of gear for safe and sensible sport.

Any form of physical activity carries with it the risk of injury. The types of dental injuries that can occur without the use of a mouthguard are chipped or broken teeth, fractured crowns or bridgework, lip and cheek injuries, root damage to the teeth, fractured jaws, and concussions. Any athlete may be at risk for oral injury and any injury can be prevented with the use of a mouthguard.

Mouthguards should be mandatory in collision sports such as aussie rules, rugby league, rugby union, hockey, MMA and boxing where the risk of injury is likely. Children and adults involved in incidental contact sports like basketball, netball, baseball, softball, wrestling, soccer and volleyball should consider wearing a mouth guard to prevent injuries to the mouth.

To ensure safe play, a custom mouthguard is important. Here’s why.  



Unless you plan on wearing a full-face helmet or a bubble suit, a custom mouthguard is the best form of defense against any collision to the mouth area. GameDay custom mouthguards are created from a unique impression so they fit snug against your teeth and gums. This not only provides a more suitable barrier for your teeth and gums, but is also more reliable because it fits better and won’t fall out in action.



A customised mouthguard is much more comfortable for a player to wear for a number of reasons. Firstly, because your GameDay custom mouthguard is created from an impression the result is a guard that is perfectly fitted to your teeth. A proper custom mouthguard like GameDay should not wear against your gum or interior of your cheeks. Secondly, a custom mouthguard will have less impact on your breathing and speech during play. The harder you work on the field or in the ring, the more oxygen you’ll need. A custom mouthguard ensures your airway is clear and air can flow freely.


Anyone that has played a team sport knows the importance of communication during play. GameDay custom mouthguards allow you to speak clearly whether you’re up against the ropes or half way across the field. While all our custom mouthguards let you speak clearly while you’re playing, our Aero Custom Mouthguard is specially designed for sports, such as netball or basketball, where communication is critical.



A custom mouthguard is made from a much more durable material as there is no molding process required after it’s creation. GameDay custom mouthguards are made to last and built to protect your teeth and gums from the first day of training to the grand final and beyond.



Aside from a ball over the fence, mouthguards are one of the easiest pieces of sports equipment to lose. GameDay custom mouthguards give you the option to fully personalise your mouthguard so that wherever it may end up, everyone will know exactly who’s it is.

Whether you want to put your nickname, player number, team or whatever else you can dream up, GameDay will have it created in the same time it takes to make all our custom mouthguards. Simply upload your design and we’ll do the rest.



GameDay custom mouthguards are dentist grade quality at a fraction of the cost. What’s more is you you’ll save yourself or your kids a dreaded trip to the dentist. Every GameDay custom mouthguard is made by our in-house team of qualified dental technicians, ensuring that every custom mouthguard is a perfect fit for your mouth and your back pocket.