nib has teamed up with the Richmond Tigers to protect the little smiles of junior rugby league players

nib Group (nib) has teamed up with the Richmond Tigers to provide over 1,000 junior AFL football players with the ultimate protection with their very own custom-fit Gameday Mouthguards kit (RRP $120).

Designed to support the better health of the AFL community, the initiative aims to help keep our aspiring stars of the future safe while they take part in the game they love by reducing the likelihood of injury.


Already got a Gameday Home Impression Kit?

We’ve teamed up with a few of your favourite AFLW and AFL players to show you how to take a great mouthguard impression.

Simply watch this step-by step tutorial featuring Sarah Hosking, Monique Conti and Katie Brennan as well as Nick Vlastuin, Tom Lynch and Trent Cotchin from the Richmond Tigers, who will guide you through the process to get the perfect fit mouthguard.

Once your child’s impression has been taken, simply:

1. Place it in the pre-paid postage bag provided; and,
2. Send it to Gameday to receive your little athlete’s very own custom-fit mouthguard.

Don’t forget to include your completed order form when sending off your mouthguard impression. The Gameday team will then send your new custom-fit mouthguard directly to your nominated address when it’s complete.

Orders will take between 10-12 days to arrive once the Gameday team have received your impression kit.

For further assistance, please contact

Terms and conditions apply. Click here for more information.


Here’s a recap of the steps:

1. Put the two putty containers in the fridge for 15 minutes, before mixing.
2. Check if the compression tray is a comfortable length. To do this, put the tray in your mouth. The whole tray should fit in your mouth, without causing discomfort. If the tray is too long, or you feel pressure, put it into warm water for 20 seconds.
3. Quickly mould the tray with your hands, or chop off the excess
material with scissors. After you’re done, chuck it in some cold water
4. Mix the putty together until they make one shape. When this is done, make a sausage shape and place it in the mould. You need to do this quickly, before the putty hardens.
5. Put the tray in your mouth and push up firmly using your two thumbs. Make sure your top lip extends over the edge, which is very important. With your index fingers, push the mould up high, so that it sticks to your gums.
6. Wait 2 minutes for the mould to set.
7. Remove the tray but be careful not to separate the impression from the tray.
8. Wash the impression and set it aside to dry.
9. Once it’s dry, put it in the zip lock bag provided. If you’ve ordered a lower jaw impression, you will need to repeat the process for your lower teeth.
10. To confirm the suitability of the impression, please email images from different angles to