Gameday Preferred Practitioner Network

Would you prefer to visit a dentist to get your impression done and mouthguard fitted, rather than buy online? Maybe you'd like to claim private health insurance for your custom mouthguard? We recommend you visit a Gameday Preferred Practitioner. Prices will vary when visiting a Dental Practitioner compared to purchasing a 'do it yourself' Home Impression Kit online.

Simply pop your postcode or suburb in the search box below to find your nearest dentist or prosthetist.

Gameday Preferred Practitioners are independent businesses with no affiliation with Gameday other than through the Preferred Practitioner program where Gameday manufacturers the finished product and supplies the Practitioner. Practitioners that are affiliated with specific health funds are labelled accordingly, e.g. Medibank Members' Choice Provider. If no such label appears, this suggests that the clinic is not affiliated with a particular provider.

Prices for a Gameday Mouthguard ordered online through this website and through a Practitioner will vary. Practitioners reserve the right to set their own pricing in accordance with their own business model.