How To Take Your Impression

For us to make your custom Gameday mouthguard, we first need an impression of your teeth. Don't worry, it's easier than you think. Simply watch the video below, right before you do your impression - watch it a few times so you know exactly what to do - and you're set.

One you have completed your impression, send us a pic at or via Facebook Messenger and we'll have one of our dental technicians assess it.

Don't worry, If it's not quite right, we'll get some more putty out to you so you can try again, until you get it right. 

Here's How It Works!

When your impression is all done, simply pop it in the ziplock bag provided, secure the box with the stickers, and place it in an Express Post box or drop it off at the post office. We'll receive it a few days later and will get your custom mouthguard out to you within 5-9 business days.