Gameday Mouthguards - Impact Testing

Gameday Mouthguards recently partnered with the Western Sydney University to run some impact testing to find out just how much better our mouthguards are to that of the over the counter Boil and Bites.

Let's just say the results were better than we thought. We found that the Gameday Extreme mouthguard absorbs almost double the amount of energy than that of the store bought Boil and Bite.

There is no doubt that using mouthguard while pursuing sports activities is beneficial, this is confirmed by multiple studies. So we decided, the aim of the impact test was to determine and compare the absorbed impact energy of several mouthguards. So, we put our Xtreme Mouthguard, our Pro Mouthguard and a Boil n Bite mouthguard to the ultimate test.

To create the test jig, 3D Scanning and model manipulation was used making sure each mouthguard was made using identical moulds and therefore had identical weak spots. Using the Instrom Pendulum Impact tester CEAST 9050 the impact testing began. The Pendulum is able to create and reproduce dental trauma including intensity and impact so that the trauma can be replicated when testing the 3 guards. So the same impact and intensity was applied to each guard and the results were measured.

Now, what you have all been waiting for! The Results:

  • The Xtreme Mouthguard absorbed the highest energy, that is 6 joules of energy out of the 10 joules applied in the workshop environment. In other word 56% of the energy is absorbed.
  • The Pro Mouthguard absorbed about 40% of the energy applied and
  • The Boil & Bite mouthguard absorbed the lowest amount of energy.

As you can see for optimal impact absorption Gameday Mouthguards is the way to go for ultimate mouth and jaw protection!

Massive thanks to our researchers: Dr. Qinghua Zeng & Dr. Tosin Famakinwa from the Western Sydney University.