Pro Custom Mouthguard

Our best selling custom mouthguard and for good reason - it’s perfect for the serious Aussie rules, league, or hockey player.

  • 5.5mm thick dual layer design
  • Choose your favourite, or team colours
  • Print your name and number in case you lose it
  • Lower jaw impression available
  • Gameday Teeth Protection valued at up to $7,680

Do you take your footy, league, or hockey seriously? Well, the Gameday Pro custom mouthguard is for you. It’s our best seller for a reason - it offers great protection when playing high-contact sports, can be personalised with up to three colours, and you can even have your name and phone number printed on it if you have a tendency of leaving stuff behind, or so the kids don’t mix theirs up.

Our custom mouthguards don’t even require a visit to the dentist. Simply order your mouthguard, we’ll Post your DIY home impression kit, take your jaw impression/s, and we’ll custom make your mouthguard in our dental lab in Australia, and have you playing safe in no time.

If you want to read more about how it works, go here

What happens if you get the impression wrong? We'll happily provide you with more putty or a new kit FOR FREE so you can get it right. 


Doing your impression is easy (Gary Ablett shows you how) and we're committed to working with you until you get it right. Or, we'll happily refund you. 👍🏻 

We highly recommend taking up the lower jaw impression upgrade. What this means is we'll get you to take an impression of your lower teeth too, and we'll account for them when we make the mouthguard - we'll create an imprint in the underside of the guard. This turns a perfectly good custom mouthguard into the ultimate in protection. 

Tend to lose things easily? We know what kids are like especially. Add our Customer Care Plan for just $70. We'll keep your impression/s on file so if you need a replacement you don't even have to do your impression/s again. 

Did you know you can buy this product in store at INTERSPORT? Check out our retailers page for stores that stock us. 

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With our Customer Care Plan you will receive one free replacement mouthguard over a 6 month period. Whether you lose or chew through it, this way you’re covered for a replacement. Better still, you do not need to go through the impression process again as we will 3D scan and hold you impression on file for 6 months, meaning all you need to do is contact us and we’ll make your new mouthguard and have it sent to you within 5-9 business days.

We recommend soaking your Gameday mouthguard around once a week with Cal-Dent Denture Cleansing solution. Includes 4 sachets, enough for 1 month.

The Sonic Denture Cleaning Machine is a revolutionary new machine that uses vibration to remove stains, tartar, odours and food in just 15 minutes. No need for overnight soakings; no need to brush away stains. Leaves your Knight Guard sparkling clean - effortlessly. Use with Cal-Dent cleansing tablets.

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