Mouthguard Cleaning Pack

The Mouthguard Cleaning Pack Includes the following - 

1 x Sonic Cleaning Device 

1 x Dental Cleaning Brush

4 x Cleaning Sachets

See the description of each item below.

The Sonic Cleaning Machine is a revolutionary new machine that uses vibration to remove stains, tartar, odours and food in just 15 minutes. No need for overnight soakings. Leaves your mouthguard sparkling clean - effortlessly. Use with Cal-Dent cleansing tablets.

The Dental Cleaning Brush is specifically designed for cleaning your mouthguard and has bristles arranged to fit the shape of your mouthguard.

We recommend you clean your mouthguard with a cleansing tablet once a week. Cal-Dent denture cleaning tablets are our favourite. 

Add the Cleaning Sachets to your Sonic Cleaning Device water for best possible results, followed by a scrub using the Dental Cleaning Brush.

Mouthguard Cleaning Pack
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