What Is The Lower Impression Upgrade? Do I Need It?

Quite often we get a lot of confused customers asking us about the lower impression upgrade. Some think this means they’ll receive both an upper and lower guard and others think it’s spare putty and a spare tray for if you do the first impression incorrectly (which FYI if you do, we will give you more putty or a new impression kit until you get it right, free of charge).
So, we thought we would answer all your questions by explaining to you what the lower impression upgrade really is and why you might wish to purchase it.

How will it be different when I receive my impression kit?

If you were to order your mouthguard without the lower impression, your impression kit will come in a square box with extra putty in case required. However, if you’ve purchased the upgrade you will receive a rectangular impression kit with two trays and two sets of putty. This is so you can take an impression of both your upper and lower jaw. Once finished, as always, send us in a pic of your impressions for us to check, once given the all clear you will post them back to us!

How does it change the way my guard is made?

This is where we will get to work on making your guard. With the upgrade, we will make moulds of both your upper and lower jaw. Whilst we will first form the guard to your upper jaw as we do with all of our sports guards, we will then get to work on making your guard fit perfectly with your lower bite. We mould the mouthguard to your lower bite creating your lower impression on the bottom of the guard.

How does this decrease my risk of injury even more?

By moulding the lower bite to the guard it allows for the guard to fit more comfortably and naturally in your mouth. This will also help to ensure that there is an even occlusal surface on the guard. This means that when you bite on the guard your teeth will all come into contact with the guard, assisting with impact absorption. Keeping your jaw in its natural position and lower teeth in contact with the guard allow for impact to be distributed more evenly throughout the mouth and jaw. Natural jaw position will help to reduce the risk of injuries. As we have mentioned before, the reason that you are only required to wear a guard protecting your upper teeth is that naturally, the lower jaw is more protected. This is because it sits underneath and further back in comparison to the top jaw. Therefore, ensuring your lower jaw is correctly tucked and able to touch the surface of the mouthguard will add for extra protection of the bottom layer.
Getting the lower impression upgrade is not necessary but if you are looking for that extra bit of protection and comfort, it’s a great idea to keep you protected this season!

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