What Guard Is Best For Me?

Gameday Mouthguards is forever expanding our range of mouthguards so we can meet everyone’s sporting needs. However, we understand that this can make it all the more confusing for you to determine the best guard for yourself or your child. Therefore, we created this blog to help define the different needs and requirements of each Aussie athlete!

Are you a basketball or netball player? Or are you looking for a guard allowing maximum air flow?

The Aero Mouthguard is a guard designed predominantly for basketball and netball players. Typically these types of sports require slightly less protection than others as they pose less risk to your mouth given they are considered low contact sports compared to sports such as football or rugby. However, you can still get significant injuries playing these sports and oral protection is always a priority.
Because of this the ‘Aero’ takes on a thinner design, a 3.5mm dual-layer design (2mm + 1.5mm). This is our thinnest guard design so it is unobtrusive allowing for improved breathing. The guard isn’t restricted to low contact sports as these guards still provide a superior level of protection. The guard is also well suited to athletes seeking a less bulky mouthguard to a more standard guard. But keep in mind, the protection is obviously less than some of our thicker guards. The aero comes in 6 different colours.

Buying your son or daughter a guard?

The Starter guard is typically recommended to children, it is a 5mm thick single layer design and is our most affordable guard. The starter is perfect for sports such as football and hockey. Whilst we mainly recommend this guard for kids, adults can also use this. The starter guard is thicker than our Aero guard and thinner than our Pro guard. Ideal for a child’s first custom mouthguard or if you are after something with slightly less thickness and protection to the Pro or Xtreme guards. The starter guard comes in 6 different colours.
Do you play sports to the likes of Aussie rules, hockey or league?
The Pro guard is our best seller, it offers 5.5mm dual layer protection which is perfect if you are looking for that next level of protection and comfort. We recommend this guard for Aussie rules, hockey, league etc. Whilst maintaining a high level of protection, the Pro is slightly thinner to the Xtreme guard and is therefore sleeker and less obtrusive during play.
The Pro guard comes in an extensive range of colours and from that 3 can be chosen to make up your guard. Or you can purchase the personalised guard which allows you to choose the colours, text and/or image you would like your guard to feature.
Are you someone who always manages to get injured in play? NRL or MMA fighter?
The Xtreme guard offers the highest level of protection, with a 6mm dual layer it is our thickest guard. Designed for athletes who play rough or are in high contact sports such as rugby, boxing, Muay Thai and kickboxing. We recommend this guard for athletes who are more likely to endure contact to the face. Or even if it’s not a given, minimise the risk of oral injuries by wearing this guard. If you would like to play with no fear then the Xtreme guard is the perfect guard for you.
The Xtreme can be made with upto 3 colours chosen from an extensive range. We also have recently launched an NRL Range of mouthguards so you can enjoy the maximum protection of an Xtreme with the awesome design of your favourite NRL team.
‘Lower jaw impression available’ - What does this mean?
By upgrading your order to a lower impression this does not mean you will get two guards. It enables us to get an impression of your bottom teeth so our dental technicians can manufacture the guard to your bite  which means the guard sits inline with your bottom teeth providing maximum comfort.
Do you grind or clench during play?
If the answer is yes, then we would highly recommend getting the upgrade to the lower jaw impression. This enables us to account for your bite to maximise the comfort of the guard and protect your teeth from the effects of grinding and clenching.
If the lower impression upgrade is something you are interested in, add it to your order when purchasing your guard. 

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