The Starter. Why It’s the Perfect Guard for Every Young Aussie

If you are like me, my memories of wearing a mouthguard as a child are less than pleasant. Bulky, clunky, poorly fit pieces of plastic that would sit in my mouth during softball or soccer, making me gag and distracting me from the game. I couldn’t talk with them in, I could hardly breathe and they were always digging into my gums and uncomfortable places around my mouth. Every time I would open my jaw, the guard would fall out.
Any chance I’d get I’d take my mouthguard out and was always trying to think of ways to get out of having to actually wear it. Forever I feel as though this tainted my relationship with protective gear, in particular, mouthguards. For the rest of my childhood, I viewed them as the enemy. It was my view that mouthguards could not possibly be comfortable. They became something I would happily forgo if ever given the chance in exchange for my safety.
Gameday’s mission? To make sure other young Aussies don’t feel the same way about mouthguards from a young age. Whilst my sporting career was short-lived and there was never a need for me to invest in a custom fit sporting mouthguard, I wish this was something I could have had as a young kid starting sport! It would have taken away such a large negative aspect to my Saturday mornings that I used to dread. After all, young children playing a sport shouldn’t have to worry about uncomfortable safety gear. They should be left having fun, running around playing with their friends.
This is where the Starter guard comes in. This is our most affordable guard and is slightly thinner than our Pro or Xtreme guards. This makes it the perfect guard for a young child running around the sports field. The starter is the guard for all keen young Aussies who are beginning their sporting careers!

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