The Holy Grail A.K.A. The CCP

Today, we’re here to discuss possibly our best product that often gets overlooked by our customers. Don’t get us wrong, we still think our guards are awesome! But we love the added safety we get from our customer care plan.

Our customer care plan can be purchased with your guard or approximately 28 days after you’ve received it. After that, we’ll have to get rid of your impressions to make room for our new orders.

So what do you get with our CCP? The CCP means we will keep your impression on file for a whole year and in that year you are entitled to one FREE mouthguard! This free mouthguard is available to you at any time you want it, whether it’s straight after receiving your first one, in time for finals or at the end of the year when it’s time for a new season. How awesome is that?!

The customer care plan is also must we mention, a mother's best friend!! How many times have you been late to sport, had stress, tears and pandemonium when your child realises their guard isn’t in the place they last thought it to be. With the customer care plan, you have the possibility of redeeming your guard early so you have a spare on hand at all times. Gameday can be stressful enough but with the CCP it’s easy to never have to have a Gameday without your trust Gameday Mouthguard.

Haven’t ordered your backup guard or even lost two guards already (it’s okay we know how kids can be!!). With the CCP we will have your impressions on file ready to go so we can get your guard made up ASAP without the hassle of having to re-do impressions. It’s the perfect safety net to ensure your child doesn’t have to go without their mouthguard and without stress and panic for the whole family. What more could you want?

This CCP can also speed up the process of getting your guard for the season ahead. If you are still happy with the fit of your old mouthguard but are wanting another you can purchase your guard ready for the season ahead without having to worry about re-doing the impression process! How awesome is that?

Prices for the CCP:

Starter: $50

Pro: $70

Xtreme: $110

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