The Great Australian Mouthguard Amnesty

We're on a mission to make a custom mouthguard accessible for all Aussie sportspeople. So, we’ve started something called The Great Australian Mouthguard Amnesty.

Ebony Marinoff from the Adelaide Crows Talking About The Gameday Custom Mouthguard Amnesty

It works like this - buy a custom Gameday mouthguard, send us your old boil ‘n’ bite mouthguard if you have one, and we’ll give you a rebate of $10 off. If you buy a Gameday Starter, that brings the price down from $29 to just $19! That’s what you’d pay at the chemist or sports shop for some cheapo boil ‘n’ bite mouthguards that isn’t going to be comfortable, and won’t protect you as well.

Why Are You Doing This?

We realise most sports people, especially kids, play with mouthguards that aren’t offering them proper protection, if any mouthguard at all. We also realise that the reason a lot of people don’t buy a custom mouthguard is the cost. This initiative will bring the price of a custom mouthguard down to the equivalent of a mouthguard from the chemist or sports store.

How Do I Buy A Custom Mouthguard?

Check out our range of mouthguards here. Make sure you use the coupon, ILOVEGD, to register for the amnesty. 

I Don’t Have A Boil ‘n’ Bite Mouthguard, What Should I Do?

No worries. Because we’re good sports and we want you to get the best mouth protection, let’s do this:

> Sign up to our mailing list

> When ordering your custom mouthguard use the code ILOVEGD

> When you receive your finished custom mouthguard post a picture on Facebook and/or Instagram and tag us in and use the hashtag #gamedaymouthguards

Once you have done all this, let us know and we’ll apply the $10 rebate which’ll be credited to your card (or PayPal account) within 10 business days.

How Will I Return My Boil ‘n’ Bite Mouthguard?

In the box you receive your custom mouthguard in you'll find a slip of paper with your order number. Pop that in a paper envelope along with your boil 'n' bite, address it to 13 Central Avenue, Moorabbin VIC 3189, stick a stamp to the front, and pop it in a red post box. 

It's important that you include the little slip of paper with your order number, as that's how we'll know the mouthguard is yours. 

How Will I Get My Rebate?

Once we receive your boil ‘n’ bite back, we’ll apply a $10 refund towards your order. It should appear back in your account (via the payment method you used) within 10 business days of us receiving the boil ‘n’ bite mouthguard back.

I've Got Some Questions, How Can I Contact You?

Our contact details can be found here

How Long Have I Got?

The amnesty will run until the end of July. 

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