Safe Sports Practice: How to Best Protect Yourself This Year

To start the year off, we thought refreshing everyone’s memory of safe sports practice by discussing the ways to keep you or your child safe.
Let’s start with the basics.
A well-fitted mouthguard. The most common dental injuries occur during sport and trust us, they are expensive and painful! Make sure you have a guard that is comfortable, sits in your mouth without falling out and covers all of the crucial areas (reaches back to the start of the soft palate and protects the top gums).
Protective gear. Different sports will require different types. If you are a softballer, baseballer, cricketer or bike rider make sure you have a helmet protecting you at all times necessary. This includes ensuring the helmet fits securely on your head and won’t full off at any crucial moment. If you are a cricketer make sure you don’t step on the field without all of the appropriate padding and protective layer.
Appropriate footwear. This one can often be forgotten about or fly under the radar. But it is still very important! If it’s footy or soccer make sure you have boots that will protect your feet from the hardball. Important in all sports is making sure the grip on your shoes is sufficient. This will avoid the risk of slipping over. And don’t forget supporting your ankles if your sport has lots of stop-start and quick changes of direction!
If you are playing a sport outdoors, don’t forget about sun safety. Sunscreen, hats and protective clothing! Also, ensure you are drinking enough water and keeping your energy levels up.
Lastly, one super important one! If you have existing injuries, feel pain or stiff don’t forget to warm up, stretch and strap any necessary areas. These steps are so crucial in injury protection and sports safety. Never underestimate the power of a good warm up, light stretch and a cool down!

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