Preparing for Summer Sport and Preseason

Keep Your Fitness Up

As winter sports have been finished for a few weeks now, we hope you have given yourselves a couple of weeks of well-deserved rest. But with the summer season fast approaching, we thought we would share some tips and tricks to help get you ready for summer sport or the start of preseason. After all, there is nothing worse than getting to your first training of the new season and realising you have lost the fitness you worked so hard to build up over winter.
Unfortunately, you can lose fitness and muscle pretty quickly. So it’s important to make sure you are working in a bit of exercise each week. It’s always good to ask your coach or trainer about the type of training they think you should be doing to get yourself ready for the season whilst still allowing your body to rest and recover. It’s always nice to have a plan to stick to and use to set goals for each week. The type of exercise the plan is likely to include will be a mix of cardio and weights.
But let’s not forget about maintaining and developing your skills. If you are about to start a summer sport like basketball after a winter of football it’s always a great idea to start working on your skills. Whether it’s working on your basketball shooting, your softball pitching or hand-eye coordination, a little bit in the build-up to training can make all the difference with keeping on top of your game and giving you a headstart for the season.

Take Care of Injuries

It’s called the offseason for a reason and if you have any underlying or recurring injuries, now is the time to get on top of them. If you need to book an appointment with a physio, be doing some stretching or just be resting, ensure you are doing what you can to allow your injuries to heel.
Also, the last thing you want to do is injure yourself more or get injured in the offseason or during the season.
Here are some helpful tips to help prevent injuries:
Don’t forget about to warm up and cool down correctly. Start your sessions lightly to get your body warm, muscles ready and take the time to stretch recover afterwards. Whilst it’s always good to push yourself, try not to go to hard and build up your fitness gradually and safely. Tape or strap injuries or sore joints and muscles to prevent further injury. Keep hydrated and nourish your body with enough of the right foods. Consider your technique during exercise to minimise the risk of injury.

Make Sure You Have All The Gear

Be prepared by having all of your gear organised or make a list of what you need to get. It might sound obvious but the season has a way of creeping up fast and there’s nothing worse than feeling unorganised and unprepared. If you need a new uniform or safety gear to determine where you need to get it, when and how long it will take (if you have to order things online etc).
Lastly, make sure you have your mouthguard sorted, with many clubs and sports adopting the no mouthguard, no play rule, don’t risk missing your first game or having to run to the chemist before the game to buy an ill-fitted boil n bite guard. Check to see if your old guard still fits and if not think about booking an appointment with your dentist or ordering your Gameday Mouthguard online. We have a growing range of mouthguards that cater for all Aussie sports, check out our range and get yourself ready for the season.  

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