No Guard, No Play.

No Mouthguard, No play is a petition rapidly gaining traction around Australia as two associations have teamed up to promote the safety of our Aussie sportspeople. The Australian Dental Association and Sports Medicine Australia have teamed up to promote the use of mouthguards in all sports across Australia to minimise the risk of injuries.
Many schools and sports clubs have jumped on board by signing up to the policy.
But why all the fuss?
Let’s take a look at why these associations are making it a mission for Aussies nationwide to wear a mouthguard across all sports whether it’s a game or training.
The idea of starting this policy stemmed from the thousands of sporting injuries that occur every year which could be avoided or minimised had the person simply been wearing a mouthguard.
From a school or clubs perspective, this policy takes all of the difficulty out of implementing a new policy for the players since the ADASMA have designed the policy to make it simple for them to sign up by simply filling in the blanks of the form.
It’s about protecting more than just your teeth. As you are probably aware, mouthguards, particularly those that are custom fitted work to absorb the impact from forceful contact to the face. This will help protect your jaw, mouth and roots of your teeth. No one in sport can predict when they will suffer a blow to the face and it’s pretty difficult to minimise the risk of this happening without altering your performance. 
Want to see the difference that wearing a mouthguard truly has? Below are the findings of an impact test performed by the Western Sydney University. As you can see even a Boil and Bite guard will play a role in absorbing impact. However for optimal safety and protection our Gameday Pro or Xtreme guard is ideal. 
Spending the money on a custom fit mouthguard (or any mouthguard) is significantly cheaper than the cost of an injury. With chipped teeth being one of the cheaper procedures costing around $150. More serious dental injuries such as a knocked out tooth can cost over $4,500. When these sorts of injuries can be so easily protected what is the point of putting yourself at risk of such expenses.
Regular and unavoidable collisions are a given in contact sports such as Rugby, Aussie Rules and MMA. As contact is regular and allowed. The risk of being knocked when going up for a mark, being tackled by other players or punched during a boxing match is significant and chances are, these will all have some kind of impact on your mouth. Even during training injuries are common.
Even if you don’t play a contact sport, there is still a significant risk of damaging your teeth. If there’s risk of an accidental elbow, ball, puck, fall etc. you are at risk of dental injuries. Why expose yourself or your players to the risk of injuries that could so simply be avoided.
To encourage clubs to jump on board with the No Guard, No Play policy Gameday Mouthguards encourages clubs to partner up with us. We will provide your club with a special discount code to use on all of our mouthguards (excluding our starter guard).
If you haven’t already, jump on board with the No Guard, No Play policy. Check out the sign-up form here. For clubs looking for a sponsorship from Gameday Mouthguards send us an email at or give us a call on (03) 9090 7993.
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