Mouthguards in Softball and Baseball

Softball and baseball are both great summer sports. Whilst they are certainly more popular in America, that’s not to say that the sport doesn’t have a significant following and playing base in Australia.
Whilst neither of these sports are high contact sports, there is still a necessity for a guard to be worn throughout the entire duration of the game. But with balls being pitched and hit at high speeds a huge risk of injury arrises too. Let's not forget about how much harder a softball or baseball is compared to a footy or soccer ball. When I was a young child at school softball training we were playing a practice game, I went to put my glove out for the ball and ended up being hit in the head. I still remember it being one of the most painful experiences of my short-lived sporting career.
It makes me cringe thinking about what would have happened had the ball landed in my mouth as I would never like to train with my mouthguard. I was young and had an ill-fitted blue boil n bite mouthguard that used to make me gag every time I would wear it. During a game, it spent more time out of my mouth or being chewed on then it did being worn properly. Looking back I now realise how dangerous that was. There would be bats and balls flying everywhere and especially with young children, you have no idea where the ball is going to go after it makes contact with the bat!
But the risk of injury is still high even at a professional level, take a look at this clip of Colin Moran getting a ball to the face.
To keep you or your child well protected this summer season, we think it’s worth investing in a guard that you know will actually be worn. Save yourself the time and energy of booking a visit to the dentist and check out our range of custom fit mouthguards. Our Starter, Pro and Xtreme all make for great protection during a softball or baseball game.

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