Mouthguards in Basketball

Whilst wearing a mouthguard playing basketball isn’t exactly a high priority for many Aussies, this does not mean it is any less important!  
Just take a look at the NBA and you will see the many injuries suffered to the face whilst of course, players weren’t wearing their mouthguards. There is no doubt that the increasing rate of injuries during basketball is starting to scare many NBA stars into getting a guard to protect themselves.
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Check out this cringe worthy video of Kevin Love suffering an elbow to the face. If only he had the protection of a Gameday Mouthguard..!
Mason Plumlee from the Denver Nuggets refuses to get on the court whether it’s a game or training without his guard since suffering an injury to the mouth playing basketball resulting in four root canals and then wear braces. “I had braces for a long time as a kid,” he said, shaking his head, “and then, imagine, here I was, a junior in college with braces again.”
I’m sure you’ve all seen Stephen Curry’s bizarre habits of chewing on his guard throughout the game, particularly as he gets to the free throw line! Although the mouthguard isn’t much help when it’s not actually in his mouth, his original intentions of wearing his guard were to keep his mouth protected after suffering an injury in college when he got an elbow to the cheek, splitting the inside of his mouth wide open.
Image:  (The Wall Street Journal, 2016)
There’s no doubt that basketball players are beginning to realise the importance of protecting their mouth and teeth during play. With many professional players getting into the habit of protecting their teeth each game. After all, getting an elbow or ball to the face is pretty common and hard to avoid. Mouth injuries are painful, inconvenient and not to mention expensive!
We know many basketballers worry about wearing a mouthguard during play as typically many mouthguards are relatively thick and bulky. This is why our Aero Mouthguard has been designed especially for basketball. As basketball is a low contact sport a thick guard is less essential. This has allowed us to create a guard that is thin but still plays a great role in protecting your teeth from injuries such as Kevin Love, Mason Plumlee and Stephen Curry. The thin custom fit design allows for maximum airflow and has a minimal effect on speech. Without doubt this is our most comfortable and non-obtrusive guard yet. It’s why basketballers Mason Bragg and Gabriel Saldavia were excited at the opportunity to represent Gameday Mouthguards.  After all, if the NBA players see it important to protect their teeth, why shouldn’t you?
Image: The Aero Mouthguard.
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