5 Facts About Mouthguards

Mouthguards aren't the most talked about topic in the sports club, but for something that provides you with as much protection as a mouthguard, we wanted to share with you 5 things you might not have known about mouthguards. 

1. The Typical Types of Mouthguards

Stock Mouthguards: Stock mouthguards follow a basic shape and don’t need to be moulded to the mouth. They typically come in small, medium and large sizes. These are ill-fitting and relatively outdated.

Boil n Bite Mouthguards: A Boil n Bite mouthguard is exactly what you would think it is. A mouthguard purchased from a chemist or sports store that is moulded to your mouth. Typically this is done by placing the guard in hot water then placing it in your mouth to follow the shape of your teeth. Whilst this works better than the stock mouthguards and still offers a decent level of protection it will be slightly uncomfortable and ill-fitted.

Custom Mouthguards: Custom mouthguards are the mouthguards that we sell. They are typically attained through a visit to the dentist where the dentist will take an impression of your mouth and make a mould of your mouth. From this, the sports mouthguard is made. Gameday follows the same process, except you do the impression with a simple to use putty in the comfort of your own home! These offer a high level of protection and comfort and are specifically designed to protect both the teeth and roots of the teeth.

2. Mouthguards For Top Teeth

Have you ever wondered why you only get mouthguards for your top teeth in sport? This is because our bottom teeth are typically further back in our mouth compared to the top teeth. This makes our bottom teeth naturally better protected. The top teeth is also more exposed therefore has an increased risk of injury.

3. Mouthguards Need to Be Cleaned

Every time you wear your mouthguard you should at least be thoroughly rinsing it under cold water. Every few weeks you should do deeper clean, otherwise, they can become a germ factory! Keeping your mouthguard clean will also help with prolonging the life of the mouthguard. For more info about cleaning your guard and keeping it in the best condition read our blog ‘How long should my guard last? What Can I Do To Prolong My Guards Life?’.

4. Mouthguards Save You Money In The Long Run

The cost of a dentist injury can be extremely expensive. Particularly if there is damage done to the roots of your teeth. You are particularly at risk of this if you are not wearing a guard or your guard has not been made to correctly protect the gums of your teeth.

5. The Custom Difference

Whilst a Boil n Bite mouthguard still provides better protection than not wearing a guard at all, the difference of a custom fit mouthguard is significant. At Gameday, we make the guard around your mouths impression so we ensure each guard protects the front of your teeth, protects your back molars without making you gag and protects the gums. With a Boil N Bite guard, you don’t get the same assurance that all these points of impact will be protected. A custom guard will also fit securely in your mouth without moving so you can open your mouth, talk and breath with ease. A stock or Boil N Bite typically is only secure in your mouth when biting down.

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