Moulding Your Boil N' Bite to Perfection!

A huge part of the comfort of your Boil N Bite is making sure you’ve moulded the guard correctly. So here's our guard instructions with a few extra tips to help you get the perfect fit! 

What you need:

  1. Saucepan or kettle
  2. Water
  3. Fork/ Utensil to scoop mouthguard with
  4. Large coffee mug
  5. Mirror


    1. Boil Water

    The water needs to be bubbling hot to start melting the guard making it easy to mould to your teeth!

    2. Pour hot water into a large coffee mug. 

    We say a large coffee mug because the handle helps to avoid burn and enable you to still hold/touch the cup without burning. However, a deep bowl also works - just be careful!

    3. Place mouthguard into hot water for 35 seconds.

    It's important to not leave the guard for too long otherwise you will risk the guard deforming or ruining the design.

    4. Place mouthguard into the mouth, bite down & suck for 30 seconds

    Make sure you let the guard cool a little so it doesn’t burn your mouth!

    5. Run cold water over the mouthguard. 

    To set the guard in place make sure you run the guard under cold water. 

    Pro Tips

    • Use a mirror when moulding your mouthguard. Before you bite down on the guard check that the guard is aligned for the ultimate fit.
    • Think you could still do better? Repeat the above steps and remould your guard.

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