Knocked Out Teeth a.k.a The $5000 Injury

January, it’s a new year and we think, never a better time to discuss why investing in a mouthguard you will actually wear is so important!
As with any piece of protective equipment, there’s a reason clubs are so concerned with making sure we are safe before we go out onto the field. And whilst your safety and well being should be reason enough to ensure you are protected at all times throughout training and practice with a sports mouthguard that fits and covers all the crucial impact zones. There is another reason you might want to think twice before exposing yourself to the risk of injury that stems from not wearing your mouthguard.
Often our customers will share with us their reasons for investing in one of our custom-fit mouthguards, whether it’s their teeth they plan to protect or their children’s. Often the injury itself is enough to make someone want to wear a guard for as long as they play sport, however, there is a nasty surprise that follows a painful injury to the mouth or teeth that many of our customers are often outraged by. What? The cost of replacing a knocked out tooth!
Did you know that a knocked-out tooth can very easily cost around $5000 to replace? And that’s just for one tooth! These days people tend to think they’re invincible, and maybe you are! If safety doesn’t inspire you to wear a guard, maybe the expensive dentist bill will! As no one wants to be at risk of a cost such as that every time they step onto the sports field.

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