I have braces, what mouthguard should I use?

A regular question we get asked by our customers is what mouthguard is suitable for them if they have braces.

Unfortunately, we do not recommend our custom guards to those with braces purely as the impression process if too risky. Gameday does not want to be responsible for any expensive dental work as that is what we are here to prevent you from!

If you are a person with braces desperately after a custom Gameday guard you do have one option. You can go to your dentist, or visit one of our preferred practitioners. Dentists can put wax over your braces which will enable the impression to be taken without risking the putty or alginate getting stuck in the braces, causing damage.

However, we know that going to the dentist can at times be inconvenient and if you can't make it to one of our dental providers we have an option for you! Our Boil N Bite guards are your perfect solution. They come in a range of designs featuring every AFL & NRL team. These won't pose any risk on damaging your braces and simply help serve to protect your mouth from injury. 


Have any questions?

Message us on our Facebook page or contact info@gamedaymouthguards.com.au.

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