How Long Should My Mouthguard Last? What can I do to Prolong my guards life?

How long your mouthguard will last depends on a variation of factors and in case you were wondering, there are absolutely some things you can do to help prolong the life of your guard.
Unfortunately, Mouthguards won’t last forever but if you take good care of your guard it should be able to last you 3-5 years with the right care. Obviously if you don’t keep your guard clean, store it correctly and chew it you’ll be lucky to make it through the season.

Keep It Clean

One of the best and probably obvious things you can do to keep your guard in good condition is to keep it clean. After finishing your game there’s a lot going on, from presentations to the celebrations after it’s safe to say cleaning your mouthguard isn’t at the top of your priority list! However, it’s important that you try to give it a rinse straight after the game. If you don’t have time to rinse it off properly after the game, make sure during the week or before training you rinse it thoroughly even brush it gently with an old tooth brush. This will keep it fresh and also make it more appealing for you! Giving your mouthguard some proper TLC every few weeks can also do a lot in increasing the longevity of the guard, using our CALDENT cleaning sachets, non-alcoholic mouthwash or other denture cleaners to give it that deep clean your guard deserves!

Try Not To Chew

Whilst all of our Gameday Mouthguards are made from premium materials and designed to be extremely durable, constant gnashing and chewing on the guard during play will eventually take a toll on the integrity of the guard! It can become a habit for athletes to chew and play with their guard during games, even Lebron James has been known to chew on his guard! But if you want your guard to be lasting you for seasons to come - this is not the right move. After all, your custom mouthguard fits so well and securely in your mouth as it is, do you really want to chew it out of shape?

Store it Safely

Correct storage of your guard is another crucial element to your guards shelf life! This is why we give you a Gameday Mouthguard storage case, to keep your guard safe and protected so please make sure you use it! This case is especially designed to have multiple holes in the guard to increase airflow, ensuring your guard will dry out and not get mouldy and gross. So please, make sure your mouthguard is able to breath and not stored away at the bottom of your dark, sweaty sports bag! Another storage tip is to keep your mouthguard out of reach from your canine friends! Dogs love anything that’s covered in saliva, making your guard the perfect target. On a weekly basis we have so many customers needed a new guard after theirs has been chewed up by their pet dog. Don’t let that be you, keep in a drawer/cupboard that your dog can’t get into or high enough that it won’t be able to reach.
These are our key suggestions to getting the most time out of your mouthguard. However, unfortunately some guards will last longer than others and eventually sooner or later your guard will need to be replaced. How often? Many dentists suggest getting a new guard each year as your mouth can change and guards can become unhygienic or worn down. The other uncontrollable factor is our mouth growth. Whilst our mouth has mostly stopped growing by the time we are 14 they still move and change over time if this is the case, your guard will need to be updated and is a key reason for dentists suggesting you update your guard on a yearly bases if you are in a position to do so.

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