Gameday Mouthguards: The Official Licensee of The AFL

Gameday Mouthguards is excited to be bringing you the latest! After working closely and successfully with the NRL to bring you the NRL range, a range featuring 16, 6mm thick, dual layer guards branded by each of the 16 teams in the NRL. We are now pleased to notify everyone, particularly those of you living in the Southern States, that we are the official licensee of the Australian Football League (AFL).
The AFL and Gameday Mouthguards interests are aligned when it comes to providing all Aussie athletes from little league to professional players with maximum protection and comfort during play. We hope to raise awareness by creating mouthguards that excite people, are extremely comfortable and provide players with maximum protection to reduce the risk of injury during play. After all, safety is a key priority to everyone in contact sports such as Aussie Rules. No one wants an injury to get in the way of having fun and playing the game we all know and love!
This is a partnership we have been aspiring towards for a long time and excited that it has now been made official. Gameday Mouthguards has worked closely with many athletes in the AFL such as Gary Ablett, Rory Sloane, Moana Hope and Hugh Greenwood. Our guards are used to protect many young aspiring Aussie Rules players, aiming to provide them with that extra competitive edge achieved through wearing a custom fit mouthguard.
So what does this mean for our Gameday Team?
You can trust us when we say, we are working very hard to bring you a range of 18 designs representing each team in the AFL. All of us here at Gameday Mouthguards are big sports fan, particularly fans of the AFL, so this latest opportunity certainly has us all buzzing. Our design team, marketing team and lab’s creative mind is flowing with creative ideas of what Gameday can achieve from this collaboration. Designs for each team are well and truly underway so make sure you keep an eye out for what’s to come from Gameday and the AFL.
Here is a preview of our first set of designs..
Thanks to Small Caps for their recent article following the big news.

For the full announcement click below.
We will be sure to keep you updated with latest news and developments.

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  • Sarah Kepae on

    I’m a saintkilda fan and I’m looking to buy saintkilda mouthgaurd for my 17 year old son..

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