Best Mouthguard for The MMA Fight Scene?

If there is one sport where mouthguards are absolutely crucial, it’s MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). Do we even need to explain why? This is a high contact sport where athletes endure punches and kicks to the face or if you are into Muay Thai elbows too (ouch!). In such high contact activities like Boxing or Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, Karate protecting yourself seems crucial right?
In competitions you never know when or where your opponent will strike. This is why we have developed a heavy duty guard and our thickest yet, the Xtreme Mouthguard. This is a 6mm dual layer guard that protects both the teeth and gums from the high risk encountered during MMA.
The Xtreme is designed to reach right up to your gums, so it works to protect more than just your teeth. It protects right up to the roots which is essential given the high risk MMA fighters have from enduring impact to the head. Our mouthguard is designed to absorb the sudden and likely shock of impact when participating in contact sports, particularly boxing and Muay Thai.
When it comes to protecting yourself in fights, there really is no better option than our custom fit, Xtreme mouthguard. Along with the thickness of the guard, the safety and support that our custom fit guards offer at every moment in a fight is incomparable to a boil n bite. The Xtreme guard (as with all of our mouthguard ranges) fits snuggly to your teeth whereas a boil n bite is only secure when biting down. This way if you get an unexpected blow to the face, your guard will remain securely in your mouth protecting you from injuries to the jaw, gums and teeth.
In fact, to put this to the test our guards were tested by Western Sydney University. Want to check out the results for yourself? Take a look here.
Gameday has been working with two up and coming fighters, ‘Smokin’ Joe Coverdale a Muay Thai fighter and 16 year old Isaac Thomson, MMA fighter. For these fighters a custom fit mouthguard is mandatory before getting in the ring and at training too. Oral injuries are an expensive fix so if you are part of the MMA scene, why wouldn’t you take all the necessary precautions?
Whilst we recommend our Xtreme guard for those high impact, high contact sports we understand some might seek a slightly slicker design as they are at less risk to Muay Thai or Kick Boxing. For fighters such as Jiu Jitsu fighters still needing some protection our Pro Mouthguard is the perfect solution. Slightly thinner to the Xtreme it enables easy breathing and is less chunky when rolling.
Get yourself the best protection, shop our comfortable and affordable range here.
For a detailed write up on each guard check out our blog ‘What Guard Is Best For Me?


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