Are women at greater risk of concussion than men?

We couldn’t be happier about women’s sport taking off. As we are all aware, genetically, women and men are built slightly differently. Men have more testosterone and naturally build muscle easier than women. But could the difference in the way we are built be impacting women’s risk at injury? This news report suggests that it might. 
With the increase in women playing professional level sport, Channel 10 looked into this issue earlier this year.  The report states "Head trauma experts say women are more susceptible to concussions than men - and as women's sport takes off in popularity, there's a push for preventative measures to be taken now". Channel 10
As the report states, whilst there is a risk of concussion across all athletes playing contact sports such as football and rugby, it’s certainly more increased when it comes to women. Particularly in finding preventative measures to decrease the risk of injury on the field.
As awareness and research into this topic continue, the more our nation is finding out about the importance of wearing a mouthguard. But not just any mouthguard, a correctly fitted guard.
Why? What you may not know is that custom fit mouthguards are more than just more comfortable than their boil n bite counterparts. Although as we always say, wearing a guard is better than none at all there’s no debate when it comes to what guard will provide you with greater protection and put you at less risk of injury.
A custom fit mouthguard is designed from your mouths impression. What you might not know is that each guard is made to meet certain requirements of your mouth. A well-fitted custom mouthguard will ensure it reaches to your back molars but not to your soft palate. This prevents you from feeling like gagging but extends back far enough to correctly protect all of your teeth. They will be designed to reach high enough up at the front of your mouth to protect your gums.
But there is more. There is some research to show that custom-made mouthguards can actually reduce the risk of concussion. This is because mouthguards absorb shock from impact. They also play a part in stabilizing the head and neck. This limits the movement caused by a direct hit to the jaw, therefore reducing your risk of concussion.
Have you made the necessary steps to keep yourself protected from injury and concussion?
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