Ambassador In Profile - Rory Sloane

Next up, from the Gameday lineup, we have Adelaide Crows and AFL star - Rory Sloane here to answer a few questions. Welcome to Gameday Rory! 

GD-"First thing first, how old were you when you got into footy"?

Rory - "Thanks, well I starting doing Aus Kick when I was younger, did that with my brother and sister when I was probably about 5 or 6. I then continued to play footy from there back with the Dandenong Rangers East Victoria from of the up in hills. All the grounds that I used to play on were very muddy and wet, I suppose I’m thankful it taught me how to go and win the footy from a young age and I guess I’m thankful for that contested ball part of my game because at the moment it is one of my strong parts".

"How did you get into footy, was it one of many sports your played that stuck or where you always interested and good"?

"All sport was encouraged by my parents, I suppose, we are a very sporting family thanks to Mum and Dad. We did little athletics, tennis, b’ball and footy. I actually used to play footy with my sister growing up and she was very good, so growing up in a school where they where good at footy, I had to be good as well I guess".

"How did you feel moving to Adelaide"?

"Initially I was a bit sceptical, I suppose, I had only been once and that was driving through for a school camp in year 10, so I hadn’t seen much of Adelaide. Adelaide cops a bad rep in Melbourne and now that I’ve lived here for borderline of 9 years I don’t know why because it is a pretty beautiful place".


"What’s one of your most memorable moments in footy"?

"I got so many, across my career. Winning grand final in under 12's, so long ago but I still remember it. We went undefeated in under 10's but lost in the grand final. Also in under 16's, I had to go to the hospital because I had split the webbing on my finger, which is really weird. So, I’ve got some really good ones and some not so good ones. Being drafted was huge. Being involved in some final series which is always good. Another was Ben Rutten kicking a goal with his final touch in AFL, Eddie Betts handballed the ball to Ben Rutten and he scored with his last ever AFL kick. I remember how happy I felt for him. That's probably enough, haha".

"Have you ever had a moment that you counted your lucky stars that you were wearing a mouthguard"?

"Yes, definitely. In under 18's TAC Cup, I got knocked out or heavily concussed, but I don’t remember much. I got a split lip and it went completely through, if I wasn’t wearing a mouthguard I would’ve lost my front few teeth for sure. Pretty lucky I ended up with only a busted lip and a few stitches".

"Do you have any nicknames and why"?

"I got a few nicknames, Sloan Dog Millionaire is one, Smiling Nine is a new one, people think I smile a lot while playing football, which is kind of nice thing I guess. A few fans also call me Batman which came from one of those player profile questionnaires and my brother and I were doing it together and my brother said to have some fun with it so I said I am Batman and its stuck ever since, haha".

"If you weren't playing footy what would you be doing?

"I If I didn't play footy I have no idea what I would be doing. In year 12, I always thought I would be in carpentry and building because I love being outdoors. I would love to do some travel now, I would love to go to Europe. But if I had to do something for work, I would love to have something to do with teaching kids. I love being involved in the Aus Kick and I love coaching clinics with kids too, seeing them get better and active is one of my passions".

"Now for some different questions, what is your pet peeve"?

"People not saying please or thank you".

"Do you have any hobbies"?

"Plenty, I love tennis, and love surfing and I also enjoy a bit of golf here and there. But I also love cooking".


"What's a tv show are you ashamed to admit you, love"?

"Definitely X on the beach, it is pure trash tv but I find it hilarious".

"Is there anything you've always wanted to try, that you haven’t got to yet"?

"I’ve always wanted to skydive, I’m completely obsessed with flying I love jumping in aeroplanes and I have been in some small planes in the cockpit but would love to skydive".

"What's your favourite Karaoke song"?

"Screaming Jets – Better, an old-time classic".

Thanks for coming in Rory and best of luck for the rest of the season.

"Cheers Gameday" 


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