Ambassador In Profile - Moana Hope

Next, to kick off as Gameday Mouthguards newest goal scoring machine is Women's Australian Rules Football legend Moana Hope, we asked a few questions to better understand what her role at Gameday could be.

GD - "Welcome to Gameday, MO! First thing's first, how old were you when you started playing footy?

MO - "I started playing football for under 10s at the age of 7, and have been playing ever since."

"What's your most memorable moment sports moment so far"?

"I’ve had a few, personally, I have 3 most memorable. Being told I would be a marquee signing for Collingwood, 2nd would be telling my Mum, and the 3rd was kicking a hundred goals".

"What was your Mum's reaction when you told her"?

"Something money can't buy, it was priceless. It was really cute, haha, she cried like a big baby".

"If you weren’t playing footy, what would you be doing"?

"Playing footy, haha, I've been playing since I was a child, there was never anything else. If not I would be with family or be working. I currently run a traffic management company, so I do work, and that's probably what I would be doing".

"Have you ever been in a sporting situation where you haven’t counted your lucky stars, that you were wearing a mouthguard"?

"Yeah absolutely, football is a very physical sport, you need to wear it to make sure you don’t get your teeth knocked out. I have had a few wacks to the mouth and thought I have definitely lost or broken a tooth, but you take the mouthguard out and it's fine, there's no issue and the teeth aren’t damaged or wobbly, It's just that impact feel at first. It's better than paying a couple grand to get your teeth fixed, and them not even end up being your own teeth".

"Have you always worn a mouthguard"?

Always, as a kid I had the generic Boil ‘n’ Bite type, we couldn’t afford going out to get a proper guard. Wasn’t until I was a teen, I had someone sponsor me, to get a proper/custom made one. You can tell the difference between Boil 'n' Bite and custom mouthguards and now especially when footy is getting stronger and quicker it's more important than ever to be protected. The good thing with gameday is you can go on a payment plan, you can pay them off throughout the season, if you have a family like mine where parents have got a few kids, you can't afford to pay for them otherwise.

"What's your favourite food"?

"Mhmm that's a hard one, if I'm on my cheat day, it's popcorn and Maltesers with a frozen drink, best combination. But, I love veggies, I'm obsessed with veggies and fruit, actually, I'm obsessed with all food just not take-away. I really like cereal too, sometimes I even have it for breakfast and lunch.

 Moana Hope from Collingwood Women's AFL team. Smiling holding Gameday Mouthguard.

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