Ambassador In Profile - Allana Ferguson

Next up, we talk to the woman who is changing the way we all watch rugby league. Welcome to Gameday Allana Ferguson! 

"Thanks, good to be here. :)

"First things first, how did you get into rugby"?

"Well, I have 3 brothers, but probably the first thing that got me into league was my dad I’m the biggest daddy’s girl. I always wanted to grow up to be like my dad and my big brother so I started playing league when I was five".

 "Did you always like league"?

"Always loved it. Loved watching my dad and my older brother playing footy. Loved the first game I played all the way up until now. I even loved playing e-footy, that was one way my mum used to get me to eat my veggies, if I ate my veggies I could in the lounge room to play e-footy.  I just Love footy".

"Did you get into other sports or was it always footy"?

"I always loved footy the most and nothing will ever take that away, different codes of footy as well. I spent a lot of time playing Aus tag especially in the interim when I had to stop playing when I was 12, I think because it’s the closest form of football to rugby league. I have played every sport under the sun, half the time just to get a day off school ha-ha, but yeah, I have always had my fingers in every sport I could".

 "Do you remember getting your first mouthguard"?

"Yes, I do, it was my first game actually, Mum and Dad said I couldn’t play without my mouthguard. I remember putting it in the hot water and moulding it to my mouth. Mouthguards and shoulder pads were a must with my parents, head gear was optional, which I kind of wish I wore to. But, yeah I do remember wearing my mouthguard in for the first time, I used to love wearing my mouthguard, I have always had a blue one, because blue is my favourite colour".

 "What one of your most memorable moments"?

"I think I have 2 or 3. First was in year 6, it was my last game ever of footy and our school team made it to the state boys knockout, and we won which was huge because we were a very small school so that was awesome and I ended up getting player of the tournament too which was cool. Then Last year, so 2016 our women’s State of Origin team - NSW we finally beat Queensland, which was the first time in 18 years so that was just ginormous. Another huge and massive accomplishment was putting on the Australian jersey-which I got to do at the Auckland 9's in 2016".

"If you didn’t play rugby what would you be doing"?

"Well, I teach high school and I love it. It was always a backup plan because I knew that I wanted a job or a courier within sport. I am very glad that I chose P.E, and uni was a ball. I get to go to work and whilst I’m teaching kids in the classroom I think the benefits come outside of those times. I could be on duty in the playground or taking a sporting team (or whatever it is) and kids come up and share their stories or just come up and ask for help. It’s really rewarding to be able to help people on a daily basis".

"What are your hobbies"?

"I love being at the beach, I love walking to get coffee every morning with my partner. He's huge on surfing so I’ve started to take up surfing. But just every spare second I get, I go to the beach, sometimes I even do extra sessions at the beach. I just love being at the beach".

 "Now for some lighthearted questions, haha - do you have a favourite quote"?

“Be the exception”.

 “Do you have any pet peeves”?

"People not wearing shoes, I don’t really like feet. It's gross - unless you’re at the beach".

 "What tv show are you ashamed to admit you love"?

"Home and away, haha. :)

  "Thanks for your time Alanna and goodluck with the surfing lessons, haha"

"Haha, thanks Gameday" 

Allana Ferguson puts mouthguard Gameday mouthguard in.

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