Amassador in Profile - Madi Ratcliffe

Next up to join our offence, we have Hockeyroo - Gameday Ambassador, Madi Ratcliffe. We were fortunate enough to have Madi take time out from her busy, busy, training schedule with the Hockeyroos and answer just a few questions for us.

GD - "Welcome to Gameday Madi, first things first, how old were you when you started playing hockey"?

Madi- "I was only 12 years old, 11 or 12. I was always around it earlier but, only started playing hockey around then. My dad always used to play and I just used to go up to the fields at Warrnambool and watch him play and that's how it all started for me."

"What was your most memorable moment in hockey"?

"It would most probably be my debut for the Hockeyroos, in Perth against Great Britain in February 2016."

"If you weren’t playing hockey what would you be doing"?

"I think I would be surfing a lot more haha, oh and I would be at university studying commerce, as I am now". 

"What prompted you to get your first mouthguard"?

"At home, we always had, no mouthguard, no play rules, so always grew up playing with mouthguards. Only recently did my sister have her 2 front teeth knocked out wearing a boil n bite, so ever since then it's even more enforced no mouthguard no play".

"How long have you been playing for the Hockeyroos"?

"I played my first game for the Hockeyroos in 2016, so this is my second year in the squad".

"How often do you train for Hockey"?

We train 6 nights a week, all year around, as we are in preparation for the World Cup''.

Thanks Madi, and goodluck for the World Cup. 

Madi Ratcliffe - Hockeyroos Puts In Her Gameday Mouthguard



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