4 Signs That Your Mouthguard is Right For You

For optimal performance and protection, it’s essential that your guard is right for you. Otherwise it can interfere with your sporting abilities and leave you at risk of injury! We have decided on our 4 key components we think you should look for and expect from your sports mouthguard.

Fits Securely

First and foremost, a guard that fits securely in your mouth is crucial during sport for a number of reasons. Let's start with outlining the safety issue of having a guard that doesn’t fit correctly, if a guard isn’t in your mouth correctly at all times you won’t be getting protection at all times. Not to mention an ill fitting guard can get extremely annoying and distracting during play. No athlete needs any kind of distraction whilst you are in gameday mode!

Breath & Speech

When playing sport being able to breath and communicate is vital. When you are exercising at a high intensity gasping for air you need to be able to breath in as much oxygen as possible to keep your body performing. Of course all guards will slightly alter the way that you breathe but your guard shouldn’t be obstructing your breath to the point where it is difficult or distracting. The same goes for speech, a guard that isn’t fitted correctly in your mouth will make breathing harder and will affect your on field communication.
See the difference for yourself as Rory Sloane takes on the boil n bite challenge! 


Your mouthguard should feel comfortable in your mouth. I think we all know the feeling of wearing an ill-fitted guard that ends up making you feel like you need to gag. If this is the case with your guard it’s probably not right! A guard should go far enough back on your teeth to protect them but not too far that it extends into your soft palate.

Protects and Covers all Vital Areas

Whilst we can’t stress how important it is for your guard to be comfortable, lets not forget the main reason we all wear a mouthguard - to protect your teeth, mouth and head from injury during sport. To do this, there are a few essential things that the guard has to do. Your mouthguard should reach high enough up at the front to play a role in protecting your gums. It should also extend to your back molars, but not too far back that it will cause you to gag. This is a key reason Gameday likes to take your impression, we assess each individual mouth and make sure the guard reaches high enough up the gums to protect the roots of your teeth and that the guard extends to a spot that will protect your molars without discomfort.
If you don’t think your guard meets these fundamentals, perhaps it’s time to think about upgrading. Take a look at our range in mouthguards here.

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